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Health Balance

  • Automatic Diagnosis Support System for Maximizing Potential Height Growth

    Several factors contribute to your overall height. It is thought that genetic factors account for 40-60%. Certain environmental factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and musculoskeletal posture usually account for the rest.

    Between age 1 and puberty, most people gain about 2 inches in height each year. Once puberty hits, your child may grow at a rate of 3-4 inches per year. However, everyone grows at a different pace. Your child generally stops growing taller after he or she goes through puberty. This means that your child will no longer be tall when he or she becomes an adult.

    However, there are certain things that can maximize your child's growth potential during adolescence. Through the constant management service we suggest, your child can grow up to the right height during the growth period and maintain a healthy life when they become an adult.

    Curious about Potential Height Growth? Our Automatic Diagnosis Support System can help you try it.

    Why Health Balance?

    In the post-Corona era, online-based self-management applications are needed without face-to-face contact. With Health Balance, you can easily diagnose and manage key factors that affect your child's height growth with Bluetooth-linked mobile devices at home. Based on this, you can predict your child's growth potential.

    How does Health Balance work?

    Health Balance is largely divided into three categories: genetic diagnosis, life data-based health care applications, and posture monitoring. Through this, the goal is to comprehensively analyze the factors that affect a child's health and maximize his or her height growth potential.

    ① Genetic Testing Kit

    Genetic testing can check your child's nutritional balance and diagnose early the possibility of developing diseases such as childhood diabetes, hypothyroidism, and fibrous dysplasia. In addition, bone density measurements can help to predict height growth potential.

     • TSHR(thyroid stimulating hormone receptor)
     • PTH(parathyroid hormone)
     • PTHLH(parathyroid hormone like hormone)
     • PTHR1(parathyroid hormone 1 receptor)
     • PTHR2(parathyroid hormone 2 receptor)
     • TRα1(thyroid hormone receptor α1)
     • BGN(biglycan)

    ② LifeLogger

    After collecting real-time life data based on Bluetooth-linked wearable devices and Chatbot, LifeLogger diagnoses health problems and coaches self-management.

     - Wearable device measuring indicators (based on Fitbit Inspire HR criteria)
      • Heart rate indicator : normal resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, heart rate according to time of the day, heart rate duration by interval
      • Exercise indicator : type of exercise, daily total number of steps, the number of steps according to time of the day, horizontal distance, vertical distance
      • Sleep indicator : total sleep time, delayed sleep time, the number of awakenings, sleep efficiency
      • Other indicator : daily consumed calories, active minutes per day

     - Factors to record in linked application
      • Food and drink consumed (After text/voice recognition using Chatbot, automatic analysis of intake calories, nutrients, glycemic load

    ③ BalanceMonitor

    With smartphone AI linked, BalanceMonitor provides real-time 3D musculoskeletal posture measurement and push notification for posture correction.

     • By using smartphone application, you can check the result of diagnosis and growth prediction in real time.
     • You can see the important summary information on dashboards and receive push notification for posture correction applying event triggering logic

    ④ Height Growth Prediction: Self-management Lifestyle Coaching based on Machine Learning Algorithm

    Health Balance extracts a wide range of factors from lifestyle data related to disease expression and treatment. Based on this, we implement the reinforcement learning algorithm using important factors that affect the change in the child's health condition and height growth.


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