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Health and Beauty Starting With Your Genes

  • Healthy Beauty

    The key to the personalized wellness

    solutions we suggest is

    differentiated data analysis.

    HnB Genomics

    Dreams of establishing a healthy society with early diagnosis and prevention of disease. Will bring innovation with the fusion of Big Data and Healthcare

    - CEO JeongHan, Hong
  • How are you, and your Body?

    Now you can know, prevent and manage in advance.

    With regards to “How are you?”, we naturally say “good” or “fine”. But are you sure that your body also says good or fine? Your innate genes can provide the answer for your healthy body. Through genetic testing, you can learn what kinds of diseases you might be vulnerable to and how to manage your body. HnB Genomics promises your wellness today and in the future.

Genomic Solution

  • 모두가 저마다의 특별한 유전자를 가지고 있습니다. 그렇기 때문에 유전자에 맞게 각자의 건강 솔루션도 특별해야 합니다. HnB Genomics가 제안하는 구체적이고 세심한 맞춤형 솔루션을 통해, 건강해진 당신의 모습을 확인하세요.
  • Everyone has their own special genes. That's why each health solution must be special to each person. Through specific and meticulous personalized wellness solutions, we help you improve your health conditions.

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